Taking the lead in innovative electrical test solutions for fine pitch test of interconnect substrates, including BGA, MCM, C4 and  HDI  printed circuits.

GATS-7700 Shuttle Handler System
for C4, MCM, BGAs...

GATS-7700 Shuttle Handler

The GATS-7700 Shuttle Handler system is one in a series of test systems for testing multiple-image panels.  Rather than buying a fixture for your entire panel, you simply fixture for one (or more) images. The GATS-7700 will then Step the fixture across the entire panel and Repeat the electrical test at each step.

The GATS-7700 Shuttle Handler automatically loads two panels into its two handlers. These handlers alternately deliver the panel to the pre-alignment and electrical test areas as shown below. While one panel is being pre-aligned the other is being electrically tested. The result is .... maximum throughput.

GATS-7700 Shuttle Handling System

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